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Heart centered, child focused services that are engaging and fun

Every child deserves to reach their full potential and every family deserves to experience the joy that comes from seeing their child grow.

It is our deepest desire to create a space of love and trust while supporting and educating families and caregivers of infants/toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities. We provide early intervention services, developmental and environmental assessments, parent/caregiver coaching, referrals, resources and professional development for early childhood educators. 

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We understand the challenges parents face.

BloomChild recognizes the fear, worry, and guilt that comes along with raising a child, especially those with developmental delays and disabilities. Therefore, we take a holistic approach in our services; educating parents on self care, mindfulness, and self-reflective techniques. We use evidence-based practices to support your child in reaching their developmental goals.

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Help your child "bloom" by reading our blog below. 

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