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BloomChild provides early intervention services for infants and toddlers with, or at risk of having developmental delays or disabilities. We use a holistic approach incorporating mindfulness, positive behavior supports, parent coaching and evidence-based practices. Sessions are child centered, play based, and fun! Sessions take place in the child's natural environment, whether it be in-home, in the community or at school, we work with you to decide what works best for your child and family.


Founder & Developmental Specialist


Helping Families Flourish

During the my experience as an early intervention specialist, I heard countless complaints from families about the high turnover of providers, poor quality service, lack of communication, and difficulty in navigating the system to get the best care for their child. As an in-home service provider, I was heartbroken to find out I was removed from a case after months of working with a child without ever having a chance to say goodbye.


BloomChild was created as a solution to these problems and offers discerning parents a more personalized, relationship based and higher quality of care option as an alternative to navigating the difficult and time consuming process of getting services through a public agency. For parents that prefer not to "roll the dice"  on getting a provider that is a good fit for their child, in helping both the family and child along their journey of success in reaching their developmental goals, we are here to help!

My Story

Helping families flourish

As my interest in helping children and families grew, I decided to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education building upon my undergraduate degree in Psychology. Initially, I joined the team at my son's preschool in the infant-toddler class while taking night classes at a local community college to earn the credits needed for a Child Development Permit. I found myself being drawn to children who exhibited challenging behaviors and had developmental delays or disabilities while working with families of children from nine months to 36 months old.  A unique opportunity came along to join a cohort of students at San Diego State University to study what was then known as Early Childhood Socio-Emotional Behavior Regulation Integration and is now more commonly known as Infant Mental Health. My passion for helping children with behavior issues became more focused as well as to make a positive impact on children who experienced trauma or had developmental disabilities. Following this opportunity, I earned my Masters of Science in Child and Family Development from San Diego State University.

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